7 Core Concepts: Patent Fundamentals

Posted On :November 1st, 2012 By James Yang

7 Core Concepts: Patent Fundamentals

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Web based patent seminar on the 7 core concepts, fundamental to your understanding of how to protect an idea with a patent. I will expand on the basics of protecting your idea with a patent.  For more information on each topic, click on the links below.  The 7 core concepts form the basis for deciding whether to file a patent application and other many other decisions in the patent process.

The 7 core concepts include:

Sample patent and purpose of a patent (1:16 min)

  1. Defining the invention (6:10 min);
  2. Researching the prior art (10:30 min);
  3. Other forms of intellectual property (15:30 min);
  4. Ownership (21:05 min);
  5. Overall patent process (26 min);
  6. Foreign patent protection (28:28 min) ; and
  7. America Invents Act: Switching from first to invent to first inventor to file (31:22 min).

Two bonus misc. issues:

  1. Provisional versus non-provisional patent application  (36:50 min);
  2. Patent infringement and clearing a product (42:50).

By watching this seminar:

  1. You will understand how to broaden applicability of your idea.
  2. You will understand when to conduct a prior art search.
  3. You will understand the differences between the various forms of intellectual property.
  4. You will understand how to protect your idea in foreign markets.
  5. You will understand how ownership issues arise.
  6. You will understand the overall patent process.
  7. You will understand the differences between the first-to-invent and the first-inventor-to-file systems.

I invite you to contact me with your patent questions at (949) 433-0900 or James@OCPatentLawyer.com. Please feel free to forward this article to your friends. As an Orange County Patent Attorney, I serve Orange County, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and surrounding cities.

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